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Lyrics to My Favourite Part
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So much more than 30 hours away today
Like some far off dream
And you were the star

This letter's found my hands 600 times this week
And I wonder where
And who and what you are

If I land in your town, can I look you up?
List the street names that will guide me to you
'Cause I like what transpired the night we met
And all that hasnt happened yet

To hear your voice coursing out across the wires
Of two provinces blows my reverie
The audio is so much blunter than the words
On a blinking screen and in my memory

If you land in my town, will you look me up?
I set an extra spot at the table for you
Can scarcely fathom the way we met
And all that hasn't happened yet

Is this a waiting time or a biding time?
Is it a passing time from the last to the next time?

The bleakest summer that I have ever lived
Fades to shadows in the light of your smile
I hold this image close beside me when those shadows
Flicker threateningly every once in a while

If I land in your town can I look you up?
Or will that spoil a precious memory of you?
My favourite part about the night we met
Is all that hasn't happened yet
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