Lyrics to My Falling
My Falling Video:
So many reasons
For acting such a way
Now inside the line of fire
Theres no turning back
Straight through winter
I never thought I'd see September

Now I'm missing you
even while your here
Your eyes are full of dissapointment
I said Im sorry
Now Im falling
On this roller coaster they call life

Chorus 1
It's my time again
Walls are closing in
Rain is falling on my head
I'm face down in a puddle
Im drowning inside my own shame

We found each other
A reason to go on
True love lacks definition
You show me season's change
And some tings stay he same
Time forgets but I'll remember
And now I call on you
Lord open up my heart
I ask you only for forgivness
And that's my story
of my falling
on this roller coaster they call life

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
It's my time again now you let me in
Now I'll never feel the same
I look around through season's changes
To see what Im missing
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