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Lyrics to My DaxFlame Song
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oh you make me laugh
all of the time
when you got stuck in your chair
i fell off mine!! !

and i hate it when the haters
hate on you
the funny thing is that
they subscribe too! you!

daxflame is NOT retarded
he MAY act a little strange
but thats why we all love him
if you had your own show
everybody would go!
when i watch you i dont feel so aloneee

from stf mom to fillet mignon
your my homepage when mozilla turns on!
N i hope this song doesnt offend you
becuase that is one thing i could never do!


stf mom! (stf mom)
stf mom! (stf mom)
stf mom! (stf mom)
stf mom! (stf mom)
stf mom!
stf mom!
stf mom!
stf mom!

stf mommmmm
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