My Dangling Corpse Lyrics

Accidental Suicide


Lyrics to My Dangling Corpse
My Dangling Corpse Video:
Neck gouged
bleeding profuse
shifted neck
from the noose
pale is my
dying face
the search for death
that I engage

throat squirting red
deep and looping
grasping on the air
flying to the walls and dripping
neck luminated and pulsing
soaked with a scarlet glaze
twitching and squirting
drops frip from the ceiling
to my face

the black I seek
in deaths name
to relieve despair
and my pain
swallow and swallow
sucking down my blood
to save my trachea
from the suicidal flood

desire of my black dream
reaching out I cannot sieze
knowing I want to die
I want to be deceased

trapped in this cold room
getting closer to the dream
through my mulched wounds
body heat released in steam
cold skin glistening
warmed by showered blood
red river flows from me
my sea of shimmering blood
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