Lyrics to My Cup
My Cup Video:
[Danny Brown:]
Po a fo up in the cup mayne
A young nigga from the d I let my nuts hang
And I ain't talking violence, clubs like malice
But I push ya t, and I ain't talking golf
Me I'm grinding nigga, e head teff
Shining like the finger on e.t
Bitched love me nigga them hoes need me
She wet like newports and p.c.p
So she rides a nigga until she leak leak
Drippin down her legs it ain't pee pee
That's that short bus flow no riri
That's crazy, let me get my mans
Heard the other day my homie talking to the feds
Swear the god I wake up and wanna shed a tear
A nigga thankful just to make it through another year
On the block with the rock still sippin beers

[Chorus: x2]
Pocket full of stones with the henny in my cup
Pocket, pocket full of stones with the henny in my cup
Pocket, pocket full of stones with the henny in my cup, cup
Henny in my cup, henny, henny in my cup

[Tony Yayo:]
Re-up piled up like a white christmas tree
Haters finna key off a positive energy
Brussels, eating mussels with a foreign hoe
Rob ya hood robin hood, russell crowe
Pearly gates where them hustlers go
I ain't caring where them gangsters go
Ya fate in god hands ya never know
10 in capo,
A lucky nigga with a diamond charm smoking bomb tasting the rainbow
Feds wanna hold my cash like tango
1st class white folks like what team do you play for
Casue I'm in that world cup polo
Shooters on my back I got that wolf performance ammo
Blaze of glory if the state trooper find the stash
They pull me over with the hile hitler moustache
City slicker with a trunk of bricks
Could turn a pablo I buy a vast army quick

[Chorus x2]
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