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Xoxo, Panda

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Lyrics to My Crooked Crown
My Crooked Crown Video:
hey lonely girl
living in your spinning world
can you hear me
singing out so clearly?
i know my voice is small
chances are it can't go that far
but i've got a feeling
you can sense these six strings ringing
they're calling out your name
telling you it's gonna be okay
just keep on walking towards that sweet, sweet sunshine
it's gonna dry your tears
and after moving for 28 years
you're getting closer to the life you've always wanted.

anyway, i'm doing fine
i've been a busy bee,
been writing on the side
i've got this one tale
that i'd love for you to read
in chapter two the readers introduced to a girl like you
she lives way up in a tree
next to a king sorta like me
and every morning when he hears her coo
he climbs out to his roof
with a cup of honey
and a smile full of shiners
he's got it inside his head
if he's patient then the branch will stretch
and she'll come hopping down
right onto his crooked crown.

when he lowers her to his eye
they breathe each others air until their lungs get tired
it creates a melody
that gently kisses everything
and when the chorus passed
they both take a bow
and all the animals clap
she stretches out her wings
and says "i'll see you next spring".
not too sure about the end
if they get married or just stay friends
but whatever happens
he's just happy she found him

sorry birdie, gotta cut this short
i think she wants to play
she's scratching at my door
just know we miss ya
xoxo, panda.
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