Lyrics to My Condition
My Condition Video:
My head is filled with nonsense,
stupid shit not worth the while
I just can't stop the damn thing,
constant thinking, no comply
And late at night when I try eagerly to fall asleep
my restless mind won't let me
concentrate on counting sheep

Do you like my thoughts of insanity,
it's my own recipe
I am sorry but I can't seem to handle reason

I am worried of my instability,
could use some remedy
You may check my condition

I'm sick of my tinnitus,
silence is a precious kind
I might be close to schizo
but for now I think we're fine
At least I'm not talking to a bearded man up in the sky
But I guess being sane has different ways
of being wright

I am a freak
I'm not unique
But I will be
A parody
I'll try to go back to sleep
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