Lyrics to My Clair De Lune
My Clair De Lune Video:
I call her Clair De Lune
She walks by moonlight, my Clair De Lune
And when the moon's bright, I'll see her on some sandy beach
Or on a hill top, smiling just out of my reach
I reach for, Clair De Lune
As one obsessed, might reach for the moon
As one possesed, might see something others don't see
I see her face, and I hear a strange melody
uh, uh, u-uh, uh

Strange and sweet, is the haunting theme
uh, uh, u-uh, uh
How strange and sweet, this dream
She's waiting, Clair De Lune
There, where the moon light, falls on the dune
I run to meet her, but like all dreams my ends too soon
For just as I aproach my Clair De Lune
She fades and vanishes just like the moon
And I am left, with but the lovely tune
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