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Lyrics to My Chance To Live
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Songwriters who are lost bathing in their nothingness. Poets I resent when their words are filled with no substance. When we were in our youth we were looking for some truth. How could I sit mute and watch their pursuit? I had to think deep and become resolute. (It was) my chance to live, my contribution, my chance to follow my dreams and to give back to the world for all that I've received. (It was) my chance to live my chance to share with all that's been so close to me. So find what you do and offer it too. That's where it all begins. Songs can be a waste of time if they haven't inspired a single mind. With me I've always had a goal - to reach out and to touch the soul. Just invoke some inspiration. Not ego validation. So I had to live to keep my spirit positive with my music as my offering to give. Won't stay busy as I grow merely to fill my time, as I grow old. I want do design my actions as an offering not a distraction. When ego's in the way I'll be the one to pay. Not here to compete. That would be too cheap. Had to go inside and dig real deep

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