My Bloody Valentine Lyrics

Tata Young

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Lyrics to My Bloody Valentine
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My valentine running rings around me
Hanging by a thread but were loosening, loosening
The sparks are flyin not the type that we need
Bringing a fire that is burning me, burning me

I know
Nobody said that itd be easy
I hoped
That we could find a way make a way
But you dont
You dont prioritize me
How Im sposed to believe
Your games will ever change, ever change

( Chorus )
Its such a dirty mess
Imperfect at its best
But its my love my, love my, bloody valentine
Sometimes I wanna leave
But then I want you next to me
My love my, love my, bloody valentine
Maybe I should but still I just cant walk away
Try to convince me once again that I should stay
Through all the brokenness
This bleeding heart must confess
I love my love my bloody valentine

I open doors but you close them on me
Im compromising wont you show the same, help the change
Youre phone is ringing it is a shorty, so tell me
Whats her name, howd she get your number
Dont try to be playin me

Cause I know
Before you even say anything
But I hoped
You wouldnt lie to me, dont lie to me
You know
That weve been here before
Oh dont patronize, dont feed me lines
Just change your ways, yeah make it right

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