My Beautiful Sinking Ship Lyrics


The Ghost In The Girl

Lyrics to My Beautiful Sinking Ship
My Beautiful Sinking Ship Video:
This is it,
Tow the line.
We barely made it back this time.
On the deck, half-open eyes
Looking up to see the sunlight.
Swing and sway,
And we sail away.
Oh, my ship is a big black stain
In this sea of fish and fame.

Tears and holes in the sails,
She's gold, but getting frail.
We'll just keep taping up the floor,
Ignore the water, and hope for the shore.
Water's a-seeping in,
And the ship is filling.
All the oars have gone off course,
But loyally we stay aboard.

Is this the end, the top for me?
Chin up,
Stiff lip,
Just wait and they'll give.
Oh my my my,
I'm a stone,
I can't unleash my bells,
Can't unleash my bells.
My ship can't find its way home...
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