Lyrics to My Advice On Love
My Advice On Love Video:
Hold her in the night With all of your might And when you hold her Say: "By the way, You are the reason that I breathe And I will never leave", And she`ll love you allways My advice on love. When she starts to cry Of cours you`ll ask her why But be sure to hold her gently And say: "Incidentally, You are the apple of my eye, I`ll love you `til I die", And she`ll love you deeply My advice on love. You may wonder how I know about such things When I have hurt so many hearts And lost so many rings I have never been the victim But I have to live with me Wishing I had taken my advice of love. When she needs a man Give her all that you can And when you love her Be thinking just of her If you don`t then she will know And she will surely go And she`ll leave you badly My advice on love. Well your loneliness is never quite complete Until you know how much you`ve had and lost And how your great defeat Was at the hands of your own selfishness Too fearful to compete With the strength and truth of my advice on love. (2X) Wishing I had followed my advice on love.

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