Lyrics to MvL
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Verse 1
Hey, ev'rybody, It's-a me, Mario!
I'm here to rock da mic, so hey, Here We go!

You all know me, I've got the red overalls
Saving the princess from Bowser's big claws
I'm the guy that you love, the king, that's-a me

Hey, don't-a forget about your bro, Luigi!

Of course not, how could I? You're always on the scene
Looking like me with your outfit all in green.
You're always a-there to watch my behind

But I'm sick of playing second fiddle all the [censored] time!
When's it gonna be my turn to be the star?
While you save the Galaxy, I what? Wait in the car?
It's bad enough your name is plastered all over our adventures
But then you make me feel like a servant that's indentured
I always gotta follow you and do what you do
I'm sick and tired of always havin' to be player two!

But you're my little brother!

You treat me like an heirloom!
It's bad enough I've gotten addicted to mushrooms!

Verse 2
I don't wanna judge bro, but just maybe
You should look up the word 'infidelity'
Pauline, Peach, and Daisy, they've all come and gone
Tiger Woods didn't even pound that many Goombas

What are you sayin'? You hate this, I reckon?

I'm just tired of always having to take sloppy seconds!
And what kind of idiots are these girls anyway?
You'd think they'd figure out how not to get captured every day.

Well, that's-a my job!

What do you mean?
Weren't you and I plumbers before we crashed this crazy scene?
You've had a dozen jobs and none lasted a week
Hmm, what were your jobs, well let's see
A go kart race driver, a doctor, a painter
I think once you posed as a personal trainer

Well you gotta be fit to jump around like that!

Yeah, you're always jumpin', and yet you're still fat!

Can it, losers...y'all can't handle MY 2D...

Listen-a you guys, you whine like girls
in the meantime I'm gonna buy the whole world
It's-a Wario time, and you best represent
'cause my bike's gonna flatten either one of you gents
I'm the biggest and the best, and I'm better pound for pound
and my homie Waluigi's gonna stomp you in the ground
I'm-a makin' micro games and-a scroin' me cash
gonna run off with Peach so I'll have the last laugh
In fact I'll grab Daisy too to show you what's what
well, maybe not, I dunno if she'll ever shut up
Got garlic on my breath and a smile on my face
and a blast from my butt's gonna lay this town to waste
Think I'll send my man Tatenga to waste your time
and your whole stupid island is-a gonna be mine
so you think i'm all talk? so you think i'm too mean?
Well, I'm-a Wario, and I'm-a gonna win!

Verse 3
Listen here, bro, you just do not know
The names on the games start with Mario
I am the star in every expansion
while you're busting ghosts inside of your Mansion
Your notoriety is all thanks to me
it's not just your outfit that's green with envy
your jumping is lame, you're light in the loafers
and for you I now say it's finally game over!
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