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when i was a young boy i lived my life inside then i found music and i tried so we found a way and here we are today and so i found my place in life i will play till the walls come tumbling down i will sing till my lungs are sore from the sound when it's grey, the sun comes out and together we'll be fine all the years we struggled we made it out alive and it blows my mind that we survived oh i'd hate to see where we all would be if things had changed and we had never tried and if i'm swallowed by the tide i will still be there inside and if i stay too long i promise i'll be strong and we'll be fine so let it ring through the mountains and flow through your head as long as i'm here it will never be dead nothing is stronger and this must be right and this is the dream tonite so let it flow through the hills and roll through the beds of the the children below and the river ahead and all we've accomplished and all we've achieved let it always be known we believed

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