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Move move Move move Move move Music for money Move move, no bother delay Move move, no bother delay Move move, no bother delay Music for money Got to get, I got to get paid Got to get, I got to get paid Music for money Me as a very young man growin? up life wasn?t easy My mother an my father work to feed my big famliy I go to di school to learn lessons that was no good to pq Beca now dat me is a man mi know di really I search inside myself to find my ability An the ability mi find is to make people hearty Dis a di I to the to the cio you know who me be Mi sidong on top a di rydim an cash in mi money Don?t bother delay don?t bother try play Better go get your pay Better you go an? dig deep down For something you can display Money, money, money make money, money, money Too many many people dem say You are the only one that can Cover your head on a rainy day Make money hey ho hey, hear what I say I hope you don?t ignore this thing because You have to make your way Don?t get me wrong an? lose your soul For this no sum can bring it back whole Better get ya shit together like Mars bar Work, rest and play

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