Lyrics to Murder Talk
NH Skilo, what the fuck be rollin'
Two double cup, no Cappucino, spin then split him opne
Who want some smoke, no Al Capone, hit they block in a stolen
Go hard or home, my ratchet tucked, them sticks stay locked and loaded

365, we slingin' iron, sellin' crack on the nine
I done been through everything in life, ain't tryna press rewind
From pistol clappin' and trappin', tryin' rappin' this time
Locked in the pen, ol' mama died, I'm sleepin' with my knife
Big F&N, now up and blast, creepin' through the night
My mama son hit me in my back, now I can't trust nobody
Why the fuck you got tear drop tatted, you ain't got no bodies
My sister dead, I'm far from help, I want to crush somebody
Prеsidential tint, ridin' 'round in Caddy like I know Joe Bidеn
One in the head, ridin' through Cali', with them blues behind me
Stood on all ten, in the feds and I'm still promotin' violence
Stood on all ten, in the feds, I'm still promotin' violence...

Tell me, have you ever fucked with a thug nigga?
Forever ridin' 'round with it tucked, it ain't no love in him
Shots fired off, he should've ducked, I left a slug in him
Tire came off, hit up they truck, from out the mud, nigga
63 shots like I know Duck, I pass the pole to bro
Everytime it's up, no postin' by that sto'