Lyrics to Murder Society
Murder Society Video:
FUCK YOU SOCIETY! You'll never understand, I've been here too long with your gun to my head, but I'm so close to snapping and grabbing the gun. Take your last breath, it's time for some fun. I am the knife and you are my victim, the more you fight back, the more i keep twisting. You're digging your grave yeah you're twisting the knife. Take one more step and I'll take your fucking life!

MURDER SOCIETY! Fucking kill em all! Knife em in the back and twist it as they fall. MURDER SOCIETY! Revenge is fucking sweet. Murder society. KILL EM OFF TO THE BEAT!

FUCK THIS SHIT! I can't take it anymore. Stab my knife in your back just to see the blood poor. But the blood is money, it's silver and gold. Million dollar guts inside of you all. So DIE!!! DIE!!! Fucking die. Die before you go and spread another lie. Living in this society is fucking hell, but is it this society or my fucking self?
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