Lyrics to Murder (Remix)
Murder (Remix) Video:
[feat. Uncle Murda]

[Uncle Murda:]
Yayo what up nigga

[Tony Yayo:]
Murda what's good

[Uncle Murda:]
I'm murdering this motherfucker

[Tony Yayo:]
This is the remix

[Uncle Murda:]
G-unit whattup

[Tony Yayo:]
50, banks whattup

[Uncle Murda:]

[Tony Yayo:]

[Uncle Murda:]
Southside whattup

[Tony Yayo:]

[Uncle Murda:]
Fuck all the talking who gotta get shot
Let the 5th, let the 40, let the tre 8 pop
Niggaz know how we give it up son they don't want it
Damn your head gone we got, gotta body on ya
Think big logic and your doe doe
Nobody move while I'm waving that fo fo
For 25 hunned lil niggaz I'l murder your whole clique
Come through with them choppers and empty the whole clip
After they empty there buisness they jump in a stolen
Lil niggaz is crazy they remind me of the old me
They be shooting on the block ey day
They making it hot but chasing all the money away
That's what the older niggaz be saying who hustle on the block
They want to check them lil niggaz, respect them little niggaz
They went over there hollerin and screamin
Them lil niggaz pulled out they burners on em and start squeezin

[Tony Yayo:]
Murda, murda, murda
Remix nigga
Brooklyn, queens men
Doe pesci whattup
Beef what's good
My nigga monson

[Tony Yayo:]
More accuracy, less trigger time
Cause I'm a prophecy across the stateline
2 2 3 with the scope I'm a sniper
The shit bouncing in my arm
Like a baby with a bad diaper
The truck harley, the bike harley
My daughter in that bitch watching that I carly
Uh, I treat the both like a cell block
Shoot you in your face turn your ass to a cyclops
1 eye in the middle of ya face
Closed casket I'll suit your wake
And since niggaz want that lights cameras action
Hop out like what's happening, hit em with the mac 10
I ride the b.p through b.k strapped
Soldiers like camp levinek in iraq
Brain matter, bodies scatterd, oh my god
Feds lookin for your body with cadaver dogs

Murda, murda
Nigga know what it is
50 what's good
Banks, v5
Niggaz on that island what's good
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