Lyrics to Murder
Jack with the mac

Pop out with my K, that's a murder (Yeah, gang, gang, gang)
Pop out with my K, that's a murder (Gang, gang, yeah)
Pop out with my K, and imma murk you (Yeah, huh)
1400 bitch (Yeah, uh)

What's a peasant to a king? (To a king)
I can see your reflection through my rings (Through my rings)
Your bitch all up on my dick, she want my thing (Want my thing)
Pop that pussy like a motherfucking bean (Pop that pussy, bitch)
I bought this Activis lil' nigga need some lean
Your bitch giving me head while I'm rolling tree (Rolling trees)
I'm clean, like febreeze
Yeah fucking on that bitch, I hit the beach (Hit the beach)
She ocean, ocean water splash up in her jeans (Up in her jeans)
I beat that pussy, now she walking crippling (Crippling)
She can't understand why she wobbling her knees (Wobbling her knees)
It's big 14 and I can't give a bitch a thing (Give a bitch the thing)
She get to asking for cash I turn Japanese (Woo, woo)
Uh oh, I don't know (ay) what your saying
Uh, uh oh, got a whole lot of bacon (Bacon)
Uh oh pockets on extra caking
Talking fuck shit, out your face you get a face lift
Yeah, yeah

Pull up with my choppa, catch a murder (Catch a murder, aye)
Pop out with my K, and I'ma murk you (Aye, aye, aye, aye)
Pop out with my choppa, it's a murder (Aye)
Pop out with my K, and I'ma murk you (Aye, aye, aye, aye)
Murk you
Aye, yeah, uh
Yeah, uh, yeah

I don't got no time
I might have to catch a M-U-R-D-E-R, a murder
Yeah, I might catch me a murder (a murder)
Yeah, pussy boy I might murk you (might murk you)
Bang, uh, bang, uh, bang, yeah
Bang, uh, bang, bang, bang, yeah, uh, yeah
Big 14, know what the fuck going on
Yeah, smoking on this fucking strong
Yeah, I ain't do nothing wrong
Yeah, catch a murder, then I'm going home

Catch a murder then I'm phoning home
Not from your planet, I hate humans
Not from your planet, I ain't human
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I ain't Cupid (Cupid stupid)
I can't fall in love, and I'm not stupid
Uh oh, you my baby like Gerber
Uh oh, I might catch a fucking murder
Uh oh
Mhm, that shit hard