Lyrics to Murder Dem
Murder Dem Video:
Heh, yeah. Aaight. Just count me up in here, aaight?
Yeah. Uhh. Uhh. Uhh.

Verse 1
First and foremost let's distinguish the boys from the men
The start to a end, a foe from a friend
Who next of kin when I bust this iron across yo' chin, nigga?
Let me extend payments due on your arrangements
Turn on the news, nigga, listen to the latest development
Extra extra, read all about it
Master Pras always Bout-It-Bout-It
Bring tears to your fears when I shout it, shout it
??? believe, though he doubt it, doubt it
Yeah, what's all the fussin' and bickerin' for
Yeah, few shots up your ass, hear from you no more
For sure you belong with an M-16
Stand in front of the door, that you just can't ignore
Go figure. Hit the floor, nigga
Random shots - run for your life, nigga
This goes for my niggas who gets no bigger
Sweat on your forehead, let's see who pull quicker

Yeah, murder dem. Murder dem. In a, competition me go, murder dem.
Wha' what, follow dem. Hm. Follow dem.
In this, situation me no, follow dem when me gone.
All pussi haffi run when me gun. All cowards haffi run when me gun.
No man haffi come 'cause we, murder dem. Hm. Murder dem.

Verse 2
I'm livin' on danger's ground, where the danger's mine
Hold firm, stand strong, 'bout to blow like land mine
Never mind, draw, reach for yours, I'ma go for mine
Leave you paralyzed with a broken spine
They seize and they shrine in the line of fire
Retreat, recline, from all firearm
Ring the alarm, bring the bomb squad, word to God
Got your number, nigga, watch I'll pull your cord
Pardon me, sincerely yours
Down by law, out to settle the scores
Haters shoutin', "No, he can't be no more!"
Parasite, leachin' down, rottin' to the core
Cash rule, jewels cool, drown in my whirlpool
'Scuse my rudeness, rudeboy from Providence
These fists of fear remain to be fearless
Move like flyin' ??, full automation
Pumpin' carbon monoxide through your blood circulation
Separate these facts like segregation
Trial and tribulation, high expectation
The brigade shut off, backs seen me run off
Cagein' with Nicholas, it's a face-off
What? Yeah! Hah, mmm!


Verse 3
In case you didn't know, it's the P-R-A-S
Got strategies like playing chess
Penetrate through your flesh, yes, hit me with your best
Got issues to address, nonetheless
Checkmate, only makin' moves with my playmate
Prakazrel is Pras when it's abbreviate
My puncture is accurate, nigga you dead weight
Dislocate every bone in your body
Then sit back and evaluate
Every mental ?? process is isolate
Preception is clear with my steel, I should demonstrate
You were last seen gettin' head from a drag queen
Come clean, nigga what, with an 18
The supreme dream team, cash rule and CREAM
While your body lies up in the ???
What, yeah, wha'what, wha'what, hahh!


Hmm. Uh huh uh huh. Refugee Camp All-Stars. Uh huh. Uh huh uh huh.
Yeah, yeah.

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