Mummified Principle Lyrics


Revelation Is Denied

Lyrics to Mummified Principle
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A beautyful green vision of life
Is shining at the horizon
Evidence follows his path
Logic is about to win
Against total irreality

Tired to death, repression is about to sleep... sleep
And wake-up into an ultraviolet dream
Where logic has done it's way through life

Now the mummified principles shall reborn
A coming back to nature prevails

Millions have walked for liberation day
Millions have walked to heal the sick
To end the prison state, to restore freedom
To restore freedom...

Blinded and feared bu the unknown substance
Population almost panics
Terrorized by the false prophecies... evocating immorality
"Never, never!!!" they said... "we heard it's dangerous!"
Politics class tell us it can cause degeneration

By the sign of the leaf, they should confess
Mother nature needs some support to discriminilized her
By the sign of the leaf, they should consult
Dr. greenthumb is waiting for you in his cabinet

Hundreds and hundreds of green lives wait us to live
Thousands and thousands of sick humans wait to stop suffering
Millions of millions of citizens claim the liberty to smoke... free!
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