Lyrics to Muffled
Muffled Video:
i thought we solved this problem long ago i thought we grew up but we still need to grow somehow it rained on our common ground now when dig in we slip around i hear the sarcasm in your voice think of all the times you made me wait without thinking without trying i make that face the face you fucking hate it's always been this way between you and me can we ever change is this how it has to be we try to patch things up but it's not the same we try to show respect it's too late in the game can you take me back to yesterday so i can say all the things i didn't say maybe times were tough and maybe things were worse but i don't remember it that way the times the wasted times there are times when we seem so strong then we forget that we don't get along some of these times are not in a bar i can't believe that we made it this far hmmm i can't believe that we made it this far

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