Lyrics to Much As I Liked To...
Much As I Liked To... Video:
sometimes i recall that far off day when i saw my angel the first time, she displaced her charm and i melted at this beautiful sight, i think my arms were open, but to my regret my eyes were closed and i can't hardly wait in search of love you said, you never felt that way before - and it sounds so good. you said you never kissed that way before - and it sounds so good to me. come on, tell me all about the truth, and don't forget to mention all the lies love keeps inside, all the secrets no one knows. you broke my heart into pieces, took my happiness with you, you threw our love away,tell my why did you do this to me? when i'm alone at night i still have you on my mind, the day, you came into my room and took everything from me, the moment, you destroyed my life, left me behind, i need no more reasons to curse you away

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