Lyrics to Mt. Saint Helens
Mt. Saint Helens Video:
give a kiss from me to the city
where there's lots of black jewelery (?)
of rings i'll never keep
cause if it's cheap, it looks better on me
i'm fake like my fake treasuries.

say hello to the suburbs
where the men work construction
and listen to their supervisors
but listening's nothing i ever done well
everyone's hell has always become my hell.

give my regards to mt. saint helens
for erupting every few years
i could never hold my anger like that
without bursting into tears

say hello to the oregon coast
who's cold waters i've yet to see
tell 'em i'll meet 'em in the summer time
you can count on me, you best believe
you can count on me, you better believe

tell gregory i'm sorry for not sharing his bed
but i got a mean ol' daddy back home
who's love he'd never understand,
who's love he'd never understand
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