Lyrics to Mr Splitfoot
Mr Splitfoot Video:
n a blackest dark of the darkest night
Underneath the glow of a candle light
In the heat and the heart and the dark and sound and the sound and the sound of the aching hours
And the sweat and the stains of the ???
In the dark with a rolling dice
Mr Splitfoot knocks once and twice

In the dark of night hear the raven's call
Hear the blackened rats scratching through the wall
In the walls in the floor in the dark in the heat in the heat in the heat of the blackest hour
Feel the creep of the feet digging through the wall
See the shape in the darkened door
Mr Splitfoot knocks three and four

And he looks you up and he looks you down
See the velvet heaves of his blackened gown
Feel the touch and the heat and the dark and his hands and his hands and his hands reaching round your soul
Feel a glow like the flow on a burning ???
And there's nothing you can do
Mr Splitfoot's come to knock for you
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