Mr. Incredible Returns Lyrics

Joey Trap

Trap Jack 3

Lyrics to Mr. Incredible Returns
Akachi on the beat
Alright, one take this
Red lean look like Cliiiford
Look, uh

Joey, he go dummy on the beat cause he's a monster
M.O.B. is money over bitches, I'm a mobster
I just ate filet mignon and it came with some pasta
Akachi on the beat, it's kickin' like we his father
You is an importer, I'll just let you know now
If you on some fake shit, niggas gettin' four rounds
I don't give a fuck though, I'm still in the Benzi
Countin' up the Benji's, like Edna, I'm not friendly
Mr. Incredible, I feel like Mr Incredible
Why? Cause I'm flexin', bro
You cannot run it up
Me, I be dancin' like Dash, do the dash in a Bentley truck
You cannot fuck with me
I got too much power, I feel like I'm Jack-Jack
Came from the school of rock, but no, I'm not talkin' movies with Jack Black, uh
Throw it back, hella ass, it's fat
Hit it from the back, tell let me smack, look
Where is my super suit?
Niggas talk shit then we shoot at you
My nigga shock you, like Pikachu
Recope myself, I don't need a [?]
I feel like Dash, I'ma run It up
Frozone wrist through the Rollie up
Jack Jack nigga with the haircut
Syndrome with it better back up
Prolly show a nigga how to gas tho
My bitch Mirage cause she bad though
Playin' around why you mad though
I feel like Edna I chill at the pad though
Bitch where the fuck is my super suit
She fuck with me but she talk to you
She prolly tell you she love you
The funny thing she call me Mr. Incredible
Flexing up, hella bruh
I feel like Mr. Incredible
In love with me, she regret it though
You wanna beef but I’m all bout my lettuce though, uh

My whip is black, sweet like [?], uh
Mr. Incredible back, I am the boy with the motherfuckin' pack, uh
Mr. Incredible back, I am the boy with pack, uh, used to be flippin' them sacks, over