Mr. High & Mighty Lyrics

Gov't Mule

High & Mighty

Lyrics to Mr. High & Mighty
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Mr. High and Mighty standing with your back against the wall
They better jump when you say jump, they better crawl when you say crawl

Buildings crumble and peasants cower at the sound of your name
But was it God that gave you that power or is it merely fame

Mr. High and Mighty who are your sights set on now with your fair-weather fortune and your gold sacred cow

You reunite with your long lost brothers on an old abandoned ship
There was a time when you brought joy to others
Guess you got caught up in the trip

Mr High and Mighty remember when you were low
On the sunny streets of Georgia but that was a long time ago

Mr. High and Mighty will you ever join us again
Will we dance and sing together, will we all join hands

Can't you hear the voices calling or is it just time for another show
Once again the great have fallen
Did you really have that far to go
Songwriters: WARREN HAYNES
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