Lyrics to Mr. Gray
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Mr. Gray

go away

cause you're always stuck in traffic

and can't kick this nasty habit being late


Don't delay

Mr. Gray

cause he lost the family business

after what got said last Christmas holiday

What'd he say?

Even Mr. Gray looks to the summer sky

and he wonders what it's all about

quickly turns his head to the ground

and he walks

and he frowns

when he talks

at his shoes and his socks

Mr. Gray

I must say

If you make up all your stories

why do you make them so boring anyay?

Mr. Gray

College days

always seem so far away

and yet they should be

cause they are so far away

It's a shame

And even Mr. Gray one time was interesting

and he had something relevant to say

now he sits alone in his chair

and he waits for his hair to turn gray

and he curses his fate

Hip hooray for Mr. Gray

We're so glad you've gone away

We're all glad the stories over...over

Hip hooray for Mr. Gray

We're so glad he's gone away

He got fired now he's tired, so tired
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