Lyrics to Mr. Brown
Mr. Brown Video:
Mr. Brown had a plan
How to fist first change the man
Every night he engaged
In a whisper

In a world beat with pain
There's no company with shame
So we laughed and refrained
In a whisper

So we march through the streets
With our two part harmonies
Holding on to the real, with a whisper
And we knock down the doors
Find the truth that we fought for,
Just to fall in the end, like a whisper

So it's hard to find what we're made of
Don't give it up
Your soul could be greater
Show them you won't
Back down from the place you started out
Starting now

So we write pen in hand
Like the men before us planned
We plot out every chord
Without whisper

We progress with a rage
Find the Lennon of our days
Then we see why we stayed
Through the blisters
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