Moving Right Along Lyrics

Michael Stanley

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Lyrics to Moving Right Along
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It's a slow down go-around Monday
I believe her 'cause she told me so
Bluebird sitting on a window
Stephan sang the song, so it must be so
I'm through believing in losers
I'm into lovin', feels real fine
My old lady's gonna move me
a little bit further down the easy line

So won't you come and go with us
Won't you come on along
Movin right along...

Sundown been around lady
ain't exactly what I'm lookin' for
Sunshine all mine woman
sweet smiling from the back door
All night planning and scheming
I'm into dreaming and she's into stay
She's sure making it easy
to get up and face another day


And I'll sing you a song
and it won't take long
Mama's gonna love you all night long

Won't try to tease you
Baby hold on
We're moving right along
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