Movin' with the wind Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to Movin' with the wind
Movin' with the wind Video:
It was in a land of trouble
it was in a land of scorn
was the land of bitter waters
the land where I was born
I have no past or future
each place is strange and foreign
I travel like a gypsy
like an orphan in a storm

Haunted by the highways
I know wil go nowhere
each road is full or sorrow
each ocean full of tears
And the eyes I see around me
will never know my fears
If you ask me I won't tell you
what am I doing here?

I will keep on goin'
this road will never end
I'll do my cryin' in the rain
I'll keep on movin'
with the wind
with the wind

You think your lives are happy
you think your lives are full
your lives are just as empty
as any other fool
There's a place where I am goin'
there's a place I've got to find
And the place where I will start from
Is the place you've left behind

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