Lyrics to Movin' On
Movin' On Video:
I'll see my mother again I know
I see her everywhere I go
Sometimes I see my father too
Pourin' over blueprints that he drew
He made his way with sweat and brains
So I could ride this first class train
Well, he didn't even know where to
Only knew it wouldn't be long
Always movin' on

Sing a song about the big ship goin' down
Grandma cried, Grandpa too
Then we went to town to get some ice cream
See a picture show
Come back and take a swim in the lake's moon glow
Well, I knew then there were no watery graves
Just tears and laughter and moonlight on the waves
Then the cryin' of the mornin' loon
Pretty soon summers' gone
Always movin' on

My wife's mama lyin' in a dyin' bed
They've anointed her with oils and some words are being said
Somethin' about the soul bein' present eternally
Does that mean I'll be seein' you , babe
And will you be seein' me

Twilight's dimmin' down another day
Been some moments I didn't wanna let slip away
As if they wouldn't, as if I could
Stay in a place where time just stood
Like wood and steel in a watery grave
No tears no laughter, no moonlight on the waves
Well there's no place like that, it's true
Right here's where you and I belong
Always movin' on
Always movin' on
Songwriters: HIATT, JOHN R
Publisher: Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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