Lyrics to Mouth Full
Mouth Full Video:
(They) Govern the world

Want to be high

When someone sees (them)

(they) Give only applause

All yell ?Look at them

But only the legs are really real

The legs promise heaven on earth

But they alone know it is not going to happen

When for you comes only more trash

Only your legs are real, you are only the zero

I believe you will never learn

With you style you are the looser

I have tried already many times

Mouth full of this torture

You make yourself important

Stop now

I Find it's not correct

Also you will find it out

Your best friends are your legs

Be careful with your legs or you will be alone

I am not angry with you

I know you want to achieve

But out of my script I must cross you

The legs alone are good (and) OK

Be polite one time it doesn't hurt
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