Lyrics to Mourning In America
Mourning In America Video:
Shhhh - A white face in a white crows
The day, it starts, and it gets harder just to stand out
Someone everyone organically cam hang with
Or someone cynically manipulating language
Whoever told you that we needed you to be this?
We've all been sold a bill of goods if we believe it
Another warning from the well of true believers -
There will be mourning in America, and we say...
You summon ghosts we tried to bury in their white shrouds
with burning cross and bloody crescent in the White House
You come on something like the faces I remember -
1980, Mississippi rising from the ash and embers
Never, now, can I imagine how to live with you
Another warning from the lake of people bleeding -
There will be mourning in America if you keep it up
Up from the sultry air of the South of a time gone by
To your mercurial mouth
and where the busses in Boston that have idled for years
Ride the line to Orange County and the fare is the fears
Of the long manipulated and the willfully dumb
You better watch what you ask for
'Cause someday, it might just come.
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