Mourning Glory Kid Lyrics

Zachary Cale

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Lyrics to Mourning Glory Kid
Mourning Glory Kid Video:
You're so tastelessly crass
With your graceless past
You're an animal
It's well known
Yeah you keep it all hid
You're just a mourning glory kid
But you don't need no one to tell you so
But I see in you a special light
You're as cool as the tornado's eye
And no one sees the world like you and I
With the flick of the wrist
Yeah you give them all the slip
They can't hold you long
Nor can I
But now you're shooting off your mouth
Like you just got crowned
But that don't work on me
Not this time
Don't go pulling any airs
You know if I were you I wouldn't dare
To put myself above the few that care
On your wounded knee
I see you got the disease
You're getting desperate
I can tell
But when you took from me
All those priceless things
I found it hard to give you my help
Well I tried to share with you some advice
But all you do is give me the evil eye
Well if that's how it is then goodbye
If that's how it is then goodbye
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