Lyrics to Mournful Abyss
Mournful Abyss Video:
Beyond the shore
There lies the crossroads end
Where they're upreaching high
All thy dreams, they have to end

Just behind this doomfull shore
Where I have woke alone
Landscapes of valleys filled with ice

Since I'm here I walked alone
No soul is passing by
I feel the darkness that embraces

Where no life shares me a dream
In the cold white desert planes
I run for what I could not tell

I freeze from inside out
But still my breath goes hard

My heart it seems absorbed
By the rocks in the north
In this Mournfull Abyss dream
My feelings turn to black
They seem to be... reversed

I feel the breath of autumn rain
My memory drives me insane

As now and far too long
Love you faded far to fast
And drove me here to die

My god, not over!
My past has reached me again
All of my memories are fading
I will cry... for... no more!

My fading love
Now you can't hear
What I've done for you
In this Mournfull Abyss

I have joined the place of hell
That is here on this earth
We will never meet again
For I am now a lost... (of heaven)
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