Lyrics to Mountains Make Me Crazy
Mountains Make Me Crazy Video:
These mountains make me crazy
My legs can’t seem to stand
And I’ll be leaving in the morning with or without you she said

If I’m breaking what I’m building
I’ve ripped out every single stone
And you can break my soul or bones girl but you can’t destroy my home
No you cant destroy my home

If the street lights they all flicker
Just like candles in the street
I will give my soul to strangers and let the bastards sell it cheap

I’ve seen girls out on the street lord
Men drunk on the boulevard
The kings all know my face lord and the jokers pulled my card
Oh, the jokers pulled my card

They say that that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
I should be pretty strong or so it seems
Cause I almost died a thousand times

Oh, death it follows me
I guess that’s what separates us gods from kings

We will plant our dead in boxes
And pray to god that something grows
Leave the widow on her knees
Boys dressed in black with empty hopes

The children’s screams are crazy
Their eyes are blacked out from the smoke
I can spare my bread and water, but I cannot spare my coat
No I cannot spare my coat

Don’t damn my imagination
Cause my dreams are all I have
In the day its damp and dirty
But when I sleep it’s not that bad

Dirty hands they cling to boxcars
Tender tears stain frozen cheeks
Were all searching for salvation but we won’t find it in these streets
We won’t find it in these streets

Everybody lives for something
I guess I must live to think
You can have my thoughts at half the cost
Because I think they’re killing me

The tree lines weave through fields
Giant serpents of the south
I’ve seen the sun set on the ocean I’ve seen the daylight drown itself

Watch the poets drink their whiskey
They point out problems in our lives
You will never read his notebooks
He wont be famous till he dies

Without our hearts were nothing
And without our spines were weak
You can pump my blood or hold me up but that still want make me free
No that still won’t make me free
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