Lyrics to Motorskill
Motorskill Video:
Lines are broken
They've given motor skills
Take at face value
The direction that suits you
Move with the pull
A generous function
The x-ray of today
The only one that greets you is the half-ass hand

Close to open
Don't give a shit
Take at face value
The half ass hand
The one that deceives you
You'll follow the pull
Delirious function
Wake up from the dream
This one reality
We have seen

Take it away
It's put me to shame
The motorskill

Words come broken
In a spinning world
Spinning through my head
The direction that suits you
To cure or kill
I'm walking with immortals
Etch the surface
Take it all away
Now we have seen
The motorskill

Lines come broken
Twisting you down
The crooked mind way with your head
Underground now
You let them control you
The generated dream
The one they supplied you
The one you've always seen
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