Lyrics to Motorcade
Motorcade Video:
An empty road and a rusted sky
An abandoned mardi gras
You led me to a mountaintop
So I could see it all
Your salty kiss, you promised this
That I could have you all
And now with you here by my side
I will never fall

So show me where it hurts
I'll kiss it so it don't get any worse
A ticker tape parade, the traffic barricades
waiting on a long motorcade
I will be the car and all the bodyguards
I will be the silence in your eyes
I will be your aid, I will serenade
I will be your motorcade

An effigy of Maximon
I've come to make my wish
A hole was drilled where his mouth was filled with wine and cigarettes
A muggy night, a fire bright and a reggae band plays "Israelites"
You on my arm
Your addictive charms
You're like heroin to me tonight

The driver veers, grinds the gears
The sky is dripping red
You scratch your last minute vows in an old cigar box lid
Night falls, the engine stalls in this Guatemala chicken bus
They took it all, my watch our rings, but they were simply things to us
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