Lyrics to Motion Picture
Motion Picture Video:
everyone knows we'll never make it
too young to grow old
this is what it has to be

this place is so cold
my room is two by two
to save the rest of us few
this is what it has to be

but where do we go?
this way or that way?
a path of unknown
this is what is has to be


show me where i must begin
sign me up, sign me in

more than happy to fit in
tie them up, tuck them in

push the pedal to the floor
do your worst, give me more

bang my head against your wall
a broken face, a broken jaw


introduction and farewell
which is which, you can't tell

you whisper first, and then you yell
you told me that you couldn't tell

i know exactly what you mean
i know exactly what you mean
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