Lyrics to Mother
Mother Video:
I can't believe it is almost five years

and so much has changed since you've been gone

there are a million things I wish I could tell you

like I've met a girl whose eyes draw me in

to a world where my heart beats faster

and if only I could convince her of everything

and Grayson is doing just fine

he is starting to pull himself together

you can see the ocean from his bedroom window

and last time I spoke with your sister

she said she is thinking about going back to medical school

but I'm not sure I'm convinced

still nowhere feels like home

and dad is doing just fine

he has a girlfriend that cares a lot about him

but I'm not sure he is really in love

and really mom I'm doing just fine

I've put a lot of those old demons behind me

and I've got something in my heart called hope

yet nowhere feels like home
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