Lyrics to Mother Father
Mother Father Video:
I know you're unstable
It isn't the easiest thing to be
And I know they used you
When you were doing your best to be free
And I hear what they say about you
But I don't let it bother me
We all know they'd be nothing without you
And that's always been true to me

Mother don't worry
I've seen death
Now life
It don't scare me

And where are all the hard days
We used to carry so easy in our arms
Well it got rough
And you grew up
A child still I wish I was

Father don't worry
I've seen a heartbreak
Now love
It don't scare me

I don't really wanna see
What's gonna 'come of me
And I don't really wanna know
That you're not inside no more
And all I really wanted to do
Is pack up and leave with you
But I never had no time
To wonder why

Mother don't worry
I've seen the night
Another morning
It don't scare me
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