Lyrics to Motel Room
Motel Room Video:
Here's one for the wreckage
Here's one for the spent
Here's one for all liars, harlots, kings and queens and the fraudulent
If I'm poor in spirit, give me a second chance
I could rape you with a single look
Kill you with a glance

Come up to my motel room
It ain't dying but related
Come up to my motel room
It all gets so complicated
Waiting for a wake-up call to put the demons all to flight
And I'm stuck in this motel room
Can you save my life?

The art is so generic here
The decor and the drapes
Why, the decorator oughta get two consecutive life terms for stuff like this
Dick is next door laying Jane, whom he's never seen before
She'll even moan if the price is right
It says so on her business card

Can you come and pick up another skeleton man?
I been a-cuttin' my wrists for a little sickness within
Can you come and heal me up in each and every way?
In that Gideon's Bible, there's blood spilled on each and every page
Songwriters: MALLONEE, BILL
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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