Mosquito Remix W/ Exploding Jellyfish Lyrics

The Who-dey

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Lyrics to Mosquito Remix W/ Exploding Jellyfish
I got mosquitoes in my Fritos
Smashed all over the windshield and fat like cheetos
He knows that I like my snacks like my three hoes
Disease free and wingless is how we roll
So please don't feed me something that can sting me
Just believe me, you don't wanna displease me
I would like to keep my mouth free from bug feces
So at least have the decency to appease me
Don't try to freeze me with this crap you leave me
I don't do mosquitoes so just give up and free me
I see them flying, but I aint trying to make them fall
I get out my bat, next thing their flat, stuck to the wall
And I can see them crawl, busted up, guts and all
And just as I reach in my pocket to pull out my Off
Timmy blasts em with a rocket, they fall to Ksoft
And the next thing you know, I'm singing this song
and it goes

This is EJ and The Who-dey
We be collaborating today
Dropping beats, getting paid
Dropping rhymes, getting laid
The remix to mosquito
You can't stop this combo
Its only the start of this hot flow
So prepare to get your mind blown

When the kittens with lasers come to town
They gonna look for mosquitoes, and shoot them all down
They all fall to the ground (stomp)
and you hear that squishy sound (stop)
Risking your life every single night
One sting can kill you if the time is right
West Nile aint a joke son even if you tote guns
That's why Timmy says mosquitoes are no fun
No running from these pests who fly
No gunning your way out of trouble this time
Suck your blood, bite and run, won't know what hit you
You're a chump with red bumps, shoulda taken it with you
Of course I'm talking about the spray that keeps them away
Or that candle light that keeps them at bay
Either way, if you don't bring it with, you'll pay
So just be safe and to listen to what I have to say


Now he's not accustomed to rap, probably considers it crap
But when he gets on a track, it's anything but whack
Without even trying he's a dope beat maker
Pioneer of techno but he can make you butt shaka
Take ya, put ya in the oven and bake ya
Yeah his shits that hot, if you think not then wake up
If you haven't learned, the apocalypse has returned
That's why your hearing techno and rap like you've never heard
Exploding Jellyfish should relish this, promoting and selling this
I be making you feel like I'm Dr. Scholl's gelling this
Giving you a sensation your minds racing you're pacing
You just can not get enough because I spit so amazing
And now you're facing the wrath of this duo attack
Unique, hard to find, like a needle in a hay stack
Hey Jack, hey everybody in the back
Let me hear you scream cause The Who-Dey is back

(chorus x2)
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