Lyrics to Moses
Moses Video:
[Slick Rick] As you see Ruler show's, is enquirin noses Goin into a story about a kid named Moses Once a prophet was to be born, so for anything else furve it Fear of orders, every first born, some murdered One got away, a girl wit profit for a river Gently put him in a basket, went floatin down a river Then hands up by a fair up relative, or honey peep it Couldn't be the severed, once determined to keep Don't say a word, she told this slim, who was a real witch Snitch, it'll definetly be the last day you breathin Wild kids slaughter, cuz they was fronted them Soldiers tellin the kid that they murdered every one of them Thanks said Pharoah, guys little friend tips Sister showin her baby sayin her River God sent it To a brother who arose and said, "whoa sis" Cure as I suppose this, the upward knows about Moses [whistling and samples] [Slick Rick] As time passes, prove he wasn't the type to beg or borrow Group to conquer land like ain't no tomorrow Made the Sun King jealous cuz he couldn't do a moldin Pops I'm not to happy the way you jackin this Moses Some dish rap behavior ruins every piece of bash Though I complain, where's the several action build You piece of trash, tree or switch Mo' you buildin, and find your cream's hero Built it, anything else, you need pharoah Come to star this, this my crown One say "How can he" but since not takin any chance He threw the hooker off the balcony But word sold out to King, he bank cold cuts blessed Stripped him of his honors and dumped him in the desert But I'm return for the people, this chest about saw King said "You want war? Make brick without straw" That's a son not being king, and shorty knows good roses When I be, suppose this the upward knows about Moses [whistling and samples] [Slick Rick] The new King said, S be the threats, filled wit stuffing Oh boy, what do I do? Now pray to prophet Then a vision said chill and prophecy fill Scorm build, hells of fire, or there first born killed It's gettin scary for the king, he made the sufferin go by Mario You win, take these peasants and get the fluck outta my area More villains, still in heat, didn't want my 2 to fill him Wasn't chillin, then I flat sent the troop to go and kill him So more, prophecy, when a crossing said run him Did some ol' abracadabra and water fell upon him The soldiers that is, since Moses was suave Then Mo' and the mounds havin a convo wit the father Came back in the tens, seen panty hoes dropin Partner suave, folks wasn't into what po-pop was poppin So the Earth shouldn't kill those, bible takes clothes Talked about a time when not the worst spit foes and met Moses

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