Lyrics to Morning Sun
Morning Sun Video:
Dance 'em it's the sky your eyes they fly outside
In time you saw again
Sunshine it lies the toughest star like mine
So maybe you'll go bite again

Touching hands memory strands
More happy then I've ever been
Lies are lies surely, surely, surely, surely, surely

Waiting through the night sometimes I cry inside
But I just got so cold again
But I still cry when you're up dice like mine
Soon you'll be more happy then

Least you ain't seen through friends more happy then we've ever been
My, oh my surely, surely, surely, surely, surely

Morning breaks so sky so right we ride outside
Our eyes are open wide again
Right now we ride to your astray and mine
So maybe you'll find life again

Helping his empty plans more happy then you've ever been
Try oh try surely
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