Lyrics to More Punk
More Punk Video:
doing what, i want to do,

that's just how it is
do not need, to mold myself
into something else

dressing how, i want to dress
but won't be as punk as you
thinking how, i want to think,
never be as punk as you

you can be popcore, skacore or hardcore
if that's what you think you need
i can have long hair, short hair or no hair
cuz i'm not here to mislead

acting how, i want to act,
won't make me more punk than you
not listening, to what you listen to,
won't make me less punk than you

you can be old school, new school, or too cool
it doesn't matter to me
i can be straight edge, or a junkie with no edge
anything i want to be

i was only six in 1982
how can you expect me to be as punk as you
in the first grade, when we would have our juice
the only songs we sang where dr. seuss
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