Lyrics to More Or Less
More Or Less Video:
Goodbyes now and goodbyes gone
What's been said right here, right now
Has already been done
This wouldn't be your first mistake,
Not this one
But who cares now

Who will be the one to let it out
Will you be the one to break
I've been guided & misled by doubt
Now will you say
This was the greatest mistake of my life

I've made a point through all of it
What have we learned from this disappointment
Holding on is much too tense
Now I'm wanting less and less

Fair is fair so take your chances
Cause by the look of circumstances
The sacrifice is staring you in your eyes

Less to want is less to feel
Wanting nothing becomes more real
Less to have is less to break
You hurt to sleep while I lay awake
Less to go the more I run
I pull together just to come undone

Find, that in time you'll learn exactly what went wrong
Besides, honestly, before you know it I'll be gone
Blame & put it all on me
We both know the same thing
Blame & put it all on me
We both know who's guilty
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