More Hate Than Fear Lyrics

One King Down

Bloodlust Revenge

Lyrics to More Hate Than Fear
More Hate Than Fear Video:
I'm so fed up with the lies
Their unwillingness to compromise
Sickness decay
Time has come to pay
There is no turning back from here
There is no shame there is no fear
There is no turning back from here
There is more hate than fear

I'm finished with my days of desparation
Before you stands my straight edge proclamation
I've survived these trials I have known
Now look upon this face of stone
And how my times have hardened me
This is my epic legacy

I hate

They don't concern themselves with sin
They are no longer on the outside looking in
There is no way we can lose
Cause there is no way they can win

I stand burned, marked with this straight edge
I have branded into my flesh
Indelible rage
I refuse to be locked in a cage

There is no looking back
There is no turning back
Back from here, do not fear
This hate
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