Lyrics to Moonlighter
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I rise with the sun cause my work is never done
And those leftover chores from the midnight before are still waiting for me
And once again i'm caught between this rock and hard place

Well i get up on my feet and make coffee in my sleep
The school bell rings at eight i hope the kids don't make me late
Cause the boss will want to know
Why i'm holdin' up the side show in this rat race

And it seems like all the days are gettin' shorter
Fight with time to make your pay
Give a dollar's worth away to make a quarter
But i believe the holy light is burnin' brighter
To come and take this old world back stop the pendulum in its track
And let the sun forever shine on this moonlighter

The mornin' news is grim the cost of livin's up again
And there's little left to spare but i'm contendin' for my share
Cause my prospects are high people reaching for the good life all around me

Well i'm sure the lord knew best when he made a day of rest
But it sure would turn out neat with one more extra day a week
Maybe then this moonlight dance i do
Would never have a chance to overtake me

And it seems like all the days are gettin' shorter...

[ guitar ]
Songwriters: LYNCH, CLAIRE
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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